About us

I came up with the title for this fitness apparel a couple of years ago. I was in physical therapy and met a nice older lady who would tell me when I was tired and ready to quit, “Your doing this to be fit and fine.” “Remember that always.” That has stuck with me since, and I told her I was going to put that on a shirt. Funny years later, I actually took the leap of faith and created this brand to inspire and encourage women to feel their best through the process not just at the finish line. Sometimes we need motivation to keep us going when we feel we have had enough and just plain tired of working out, eating right etc. Its the truth! But you are beautiful throughout the journey! You are fit and fine the whole time! I took special care when selecting the materials to provide to women, and they can be worn to workout, go to the grocery store, or out on the town for the night as a casual outfit. I hope you ladies enjoy the clothing and lookout for more to be added to the website as summer approaches!!! Thank you so much for your support!! I look forward to providing the best quality and new items to you all!!!